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WALTER DEXEL MO 1925 I 1925 Oil on Canvas 64,3 x 54,1 cm

Nasir Mazhar SS14 

Miu Miu Fall 2014 (details)

Shoes @ Versace S/S 2010

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Sasha Pivovarova in “Eden” by Richard Tuttle & Mario Sorrenti
W Magazine, November 2006


"Jean Paul Gaultier", Interview US, early 90sPhotographer : Ellen von UnwerthModels : Naomi Campbell, Laetitia Casta & Jenny Shimizu

Having recently become rather obsessed with Myrtle Snow of American Horror Story: Coven, I can’t help but see her in Miu Miu. Yes, it might be a riff on the 1960s, a mod schoolgirl in bright colours, bunking off on Carnaby Street, dressed in wool knee-highs and patent mary-janes, fixing her eyeliner at the make-up counter in Biba, discreetly slipping the pencil into her pocket before walking out the door, dressed in what I imagine Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit would look like if it were clothes not a song. But still, I see witches. I see Myrtle. Which is obviously a total coincidence, seeing as the Miu Miu collection was shown in Paris on October 2nd and Coven didn’t premier until October 9th. Unless Mrs Prada somehow got hold of a preview copy, which is possible, but it’s probably pure coincidence. Serendipity. Jefferson Airplane, since we’re on the subject of witches, is rather witchy, too. These clothes would suit New Orleans. The colours work in the heat and humidity. They become brighter somehow. More vibrant. Admittedly there aren’t any Myrtle-like capes in this, nor pussy-bows in polka-dot chiffon, but there is a lace-up boot. Knee high and white, laced up the front. A lace-up boot always gives a witchy feel to things, especially when printed with a black cat. Can there be a more witchy boot in existence? The cat – it’s only a cat face, actually – is printed on the top of the boot and the toe. It has luminous green eyes, of course. There are matching whiskers. It’s the kind of colour that looks as though it would glow in the dark. They’re the kind of eyes that would follow you in, say, a haunted forest. As any devoted Tenner knows, I used to be haunted by eyes. It started after seeing The Witches at the cinema when I was seven. I would wake up and see eyes flashing on my walls. Pink and purple eyes. They looked like these eyes. Except for the colour. There are also flowers that resemble plumes of vibrant smoke. Curls of pink and purple and murky cream and green atop curling green stems that coil menacingly up the calf towards the knee. They’re reminiscent of the flora in Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version, which incidentally, also features a cat. Though he was purple and his eyes were yellow. They look more like the result of a particularly evil spell than something you would put in a vase on your kitchen table. An evil spell is something Myrtle loves, such as the one when she to enchant Spalding’s tongue so he would turn against the Supreme, only for him to thwart her and cut it off, so that when the day finally comes for him to reveal who disfigured him so, his finger is pointed firmly at her. Obviously this would cause anyone to fly into a rage, understandably so. These boots are very good for rages. The heel is particularly good for stamping angrily on the floor. 
By Natalie Dembinska

Jenna Roberts by Boe Marion for Us Marie Claire March 2014